Pretty Upset!:(

This started at the first of December. ok so im new to blogging. Ive never done this before but figured I would feel less stressed if i wrote out my feelings. ok so I’m 15 and i will soon be turning 16 and I wanted a camaro so I showed my grandma one that i found on craigslist it was 3800 and i asked if we could go look at it and she said no wait until we get our income tax so if you want it we can get it. So I’m convinced that I’m getting a car well we found out that we were getting 5040 dollars in taxes and she said that we had to save 2000 so she can get new teeth and 1000 to pay the taxes on our house and that we would have 2000 left over. So i thought that meant that I had 2000 to spend to get a car. Well i found a car for 2000 and i talked them down to 1600 and i told my grandma and she said call the bank and see how much they think its worth and call the insurance company and see how much insurance would be. So i did all that and then today February 12th she texts me and is like do you want to go eat at a steakhouse and I’m thinking to myself steakhouse we must have got taxes!:) So i come home and she is like are you ready to go eat and I said yes and i said did we get taxes and she said yes and i said oh good i want to go look at that car!:) and she said your not getting a car and i was like you have been leading me on this whole time and now your not going to be the 1600 dollar car when you was going to get me 3800 dollar car? and she said I never said I was getting you anything and i just had this blank face just trying to hold in my tears because i mean she did tell me that i mean if she wasn’t going to then she shouldn’t have said all that i have no one to help me get a car now and i have to find a ride to school and its an hour away so its really embarrassing to ask people because i know if i was someone and they asked me that i would be like where are your parents because no one from my town goes to my school and yes both of my parents are alive but my mom has a tumor in her throat and my dad is disabled so neither of my parents work so like I said I AM ALL ALONE when it comes to anything to do with finances for myself i mean i just don’t know what to do anymore i have had my feelings crushed so many times its not even cool!:( i wish people would treat me with respect i have plenty of problems at home with my grandma to have to deal with everything else too! WAY TO MUCH STRESS JUST TO BE 15! Please comment and tell me what you think!

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